About Us

The Pot Docs LLC is a Florida limited liability company established is 2014. The company’s founder envisioned a hassle free on-line service that would provide the residents of Florida with a fully online Hipaa compliant Medical Marijuana Certification Center. One of our competent and friendly practitioners (MD, DO) will provide a comprehensive history. Your ID card will be certified by one of our Licensed and Boarded Florida Physicians.

THE POTS DOCS LLC will follow the guidelines established by the compassionate care act. THE POT DOCS will follow HIPPA guidelines. THE POTS DOCS will provide easy on-line access to Florida’s residents to compassionate Florida Boarded Physicians who are open minded to the use of Medical Marijuana to relieve their debilitating condition.

THE POT DOCS name and logo are a fully registered service mark, Registered by The Medical Pot Docs of South Florida LLC, Doing Business as THE POT DOCS.