What Does It Cost?

What Does it cost?

The Pot Docs Florida MMJ Certification – What Does It Cost?

Doctors Appointment

Your card will be billed for the Physician’s Service $125.00 (This fee is for the Tele-Medicine interview with the Physician.)

Upon Approval

Your card will be billed for THE POT DOCS Administration fee of $150.00 (This fee is for the Administrative processing and distribution or your approved certification letter and ID card. If you are not approved you will not be billed THE POT DOCS Administrative fee.)

Your ID card is good for One Year.

A $100.00 fee will be required for your re-certification the following year and on going


PLEASE NOTE: The Pot Docs doctor’s recommendation is the FIRST STEP in the process of acquiring a Florida MMJ card. You will need to follow the Florida State Legal requirements and apply for the card with the state.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: THE POT DOCS MMJ Certification does not guarantee you will pass the state level requirements for receiving your MMJ card.

The following is the step by step process you will need to follow to acquire your MMJ card in Florida.

This is done at the state level, THE POT DOCS does not do this for you.

  1. Fill out your state application with the Florida Department of Human Health and Services
  2. You can find the application on the Florida department of human health and services website.

  3. Follow Instructions on the application form
  4. The application form you receive in the mail will have specific instructions for you to follow. To complete the form, you will need a doctor’s recommendation. This is where you attach your POT DOCS recommendation.

  5. Send medical marijuana application to the Division of Health
  6. When The Division of Health reviews your application they will check the doctors validity. The Division of Health will also check whether you have any past convictions of selling controlled substance, which will disqualify you from obtaining the card. To do this, the complete application will include a section in which you must obtain and send in your fingerprints so they can conduct a background check if you are accepted. Fingerprinting typically costs $20. This is done at the state level THE POT DOCS can not assist you with this process.

    Once you mail the application back, expect to hear from the state within 30 days, whether you have been approved or denied.

  7. Obtain your Medical marijuana card
  8. Once you are approved by the Florida’s State Health Division, you can take the final step necessary to obtaining your Florida medical marijuana card by going to the DMV. The DMV will provide you with your valid MMJ identification card..

Medical Cannabis - What Does It Cost?

Other important information to consider once you get your medical marijuana card:

  • Florida law will not protect you from using medical marijuana while driving or operating a boat
  • The list of medical marijuana patients is confidential and not subject to subpoena, discovery or inspection by the general public
  • Florida law states that correctional facilities, county jails, state prisons, and juvenile detention centers do not have to accommodate a medical marijuana patient
  • Florida does not require employers to accommodate medical marijuana patients
  • Florida law does not require insurance carriers to reimburse patients for the cost of their medicine